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在Windows 7上架设OpenVPN服务器

0 OpenVPN的用途

用途有很多很多。例如,放假回家后想下载几篇文献,可以通过OpenVPN连接到校园里的OpenVPN服务器,然后以出版商认证过的大学IP来看文献。又或者在旅途中连上了不信任的WLAN,为了防止网上传输的数据被窥探或者被钓鱼式攻击,可以先通过OpenVPN加密连接到预先架设好的可信任的OpenVPN服务器(OpenVPN客户端在连接服务器时会通过证书验证服务器的身份,所以能通过验证的自然就是可信任的OpenVPN服务器了),然后安全上网。其他的用途就不一一列举了。 Continue reading

  • We want you to apply open-minded skepticism while you read Psychology and Life. We don’t want you to view your study of psychology as the acquisition of a list of facts. Instead, we hope you will participate in the joy of observing and discovering and putting ideas to the test.

—— Gerrig, R. J., & Zimbardo, P. G. (2004). In Psychology and Life (17th ed., p. 41). Pearson Education. Continue reading